About Me

My name is Chris Parris and I have been involved with scanners, radios and federal communications monitoring for most of my life. I started in high school with tunable receivers and crystal controlled scanners, and it's been more and more radios since then. I first got interested in federal frequencies when I found out the local FBI repeater was located on the TV tower of the station I was working at the time. I tried everything I could to figure out that repeater frequency, but in the days before the Internet, finding that information was pretty tough to do.

My main profession is television broadcast engineering. I have been involved in television and radio broadcasting as well as mobile television engineering for the last 30 years. I am currently a mobile unit engineer with NEP Broadcasting in Pittsburgh, PA.

After being an avid reader of the magazine for many years, I began writing the Fed Files column in Monitoring Times magazine back in 2004. I continue to write the Federal Wavelengths column for The Spectrum Monitor magazine.